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Scott Bowen- Personal Injury Attorney in Kirkland, Washington

Wrongful Death

Death is never an easy subject to deal with, but Scott Bowen’s team cares about doing what’s right for you. If you’ve lost someone due to wrongful death, whether from a vehicle accident, on-the-job injury, medical malpractice or any other form, our team of experts is here for you. If a loved one has been killed as the result of the negligence of another, see us today. Nothing will bring back someone you love, but we will work tirelessly to make sure those responsible for the death are held accountable.

Two and one half years ago I was handed a new life. I lost my two year old son, his father and his daughter in a fatal car accident. Unfortunately, my son’s father was the driver of the vehicle which made the legalities fairly complex. Not only were their wrongful death issues, but underinsured motorist claims that needed to be dealt with.

As you can imagine, my state of mental clarity was less than perfect. Family and friends surrounded me, unsure of what I needed, since not many of us have ever been faced with such a gut-wrenching trauma. The loss of a child takes away half of your heart. Life from that moment forward becomes a little less sweet.

It has been said that for every action there is an opposite reaction. Needing legal help during this time made this statement become a reality. True, no dollar amount can ever replace flesh and blood – there isn’t enough in the world to replace or erase the grief – but I do know this: We should not have to suffer financially as well as physically if at all possible, especially if these events are out of our hands.

After the accident, insurance adjusters, funeral directors and lawyers seemed to come out of nowhere. This was unfortunately since my mental fog had not even begun to lift. It became very hard to know who to trust.

Scott Bowen was recommended to me as being an honest and fair personal injury lawyer. When I first met him, I knew this to be true. He was clearly a family man and was sincerely impacted by my loss. I never for a moment felt his services were motivated by his own personal greed. He truly wanted my rights to be represented in the most compassionate and fair way.

I had blindly sought the services of a not-so-reputable attorney (at the advice of my funeral director no less!) who would have walked away with a very large sum of money. Because this was a one car, no other injury accident, there was no reason why any money should have gone to a lawyer from the insurance company of the vehicle my child died in.

Scott Bowen encouraged me to release this law firm and agreed to fairly represent me. He didn’t get involved in the first settlement in terms of taking fees. This act of honesty and selflessness has allowed me to own my own home and not be financially traumatized on a daily basis. He swiftly dealt with the other two insurance companies with efficient clarity. They all paid out quickly without argument.

If I had to choose between financial freedom or to have my son back, there is no question I would give it all away just to feel him in my arms again. This is not my life, though. No matter how I choose to grieve, he is not coming home. Scott Bowen is a testimony that there are just and fair lawyers in the world who are truly here to help.