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Scott Bowen- Personal Injury Attorney in Kirkland, Washington

Workplace Accidents

Injured from an accident on the job? Our team of workplace injury experts will work directly with you to insure you get the settlement you deserve. Being injured at work means your employer may try to minimize consequences by implying your injury is not a huge deal. Injuries and accidents are nothing to scoff at, and our team will work hard to obtain medical, disability and wage losses you deserve under Washington workers’ compensation laws.

I was in an accident with the man I was having an affair with where I required hospitalization and he was uninjured. I did not wish to file a lawsuit because it would bring unwanted attention to the circumstances, the relationship and publicity because of his high profile position within the public sector but I did need to be compensated for my pain and injuries that resulted in permanent physical damage.

In my occupation I work with many attorneys and I chose Scott to handle my case because I knew him professionally for years and have seen how he handles his cases. I knew he would be sympathetic to my injuries and feelings, discreet to the sensitivity of the circumstances while aggressively serving my best interests. Scott and his staff were always available to address my questions and concerns, very professional and skillful at handling every aspect of my case.

He was thoughtful as to how to present my injuries, knowledgeable of the insurance company that we had to deal with, and well versed in setting up and negotiating the mediation–resulting in quite a good settlement!

I have no hesitation in recommending Scott and his staff for professionally and effectively managing any legal matter


Recent Settlements

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