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Scott Bowen- Personal Injury Attorney in Kirkland, Washington

Sports Accidents

Whether it’s a school accident or recreational sports injury, problems can arise that debilitate you for the rest of your life. Our team of experts deals with sport injuries from hockey, soccer, football, baseball and every type of sport today, and will work closely with medical experts to analyze your injuries to get you the help you deserve.

It was great working with Scott Bowen! I waited a long time after my car-accident injury, in hopes that it would heal, but when my insurance claim was about to end due to the statute of limitations, I finally realized I needed a lawyer. Scott put me at ease, was very professional, took prompt action and always kept me fully informed. His office and staff were excellent, too. I came to realize that insurance companies and other lawyers view Scott to be an astute and trusted advocate for his clients, and it was to my advantage that Scott had already worked with the insurance company’s adjuster for 10-15 years, because it led to a speedy evaluation of my case and a settlement that was much larger than I’d ever have received on my own.


Recent Settlements

Dental injuries resulting from high school volleyball game 18 years old Litigation settlement $85,000
Skull fracture and concussion resulting from rock throwing incident at baseball game 11 years old Insurance settlement $160,000
Broken leg resulting from rough housing at soccer game 11 year old Insurance settlement $75,000