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Scott Bowen- Personal Injury Attorney in Kirkland, Washington

Falling Accidents

Scott Bowen’s team represents clients in all types of falling accidents that are a result of negligence or carelessness.  An injury from even a simple fall can result in major medical expenses, so our team works closely with medical experts to determine the amount of damage and recovery time needed. We’ve successfully handled many falling accident claims in Washington.

Recent Settlements

Fall in restaurant parking lot Nose and jaw injury Insurance settlement $80,000
Fall at ferry terminal Wrist injury Insurance settlement $48,600
Fall in grocery store Cervical and foot injury with surgery Litigation settlement $375,000
Fall in hardware store Back injury with surgery Litigation settlement $200,000
Fall in icy church parking lot Shoulder injury with surgery Insurance settlement $134,000
Fall on cruise ship Broken leg Litigation settlement $120,000
Fall in fabric store Soft tissue injury Arbitration award $38,210
Fall in grocery store Wrist injury Arbitration award $25,000