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Scott Bowen- Personal Injury Attorney in Kirkland, Washington

Injury Cases

Scott Bowen has successfully resolved thousands of personal injury cases, either directly with insurance companies and corporations or through litigation in court.

Scott knows the medicine involved in injury cases. He handles traumatic brain injury cases, spinal injury cases often involving surgery and paralysis, traumatic orthopedic injury cases and soft tissue injury cases. He understands the emotional and psychological aspect of serious and ongoing injuries.

Scott’s legal practice covers a broad range of personal injuries and includes cases from simple automobile accidents to severe birth injuries. Scott has a successful track record in falling accident cases, construction site and workplace injuries, personal injuries suffered on a cruise, and has handled adult family home and nursing home negligence cases involving injury and death. He also handles animal attack cases and cases for injuries from assault.


1,5000,000 Brain Injury Resulting from Stroke
1,000,000 Brain Injury from Fall – Child
750,000 Orthopedic injuries – Automobile Pedestrian Accident
500,000 Soft Tissue Injuries- Automobile Pedestrian Accident
650,000 Concussion Injuries – Automobile Pedestrian Accident
375,000 Neck and Foot Injuries – Falling Accident at grocery store. Litigation settlement
250,000 Automobile Accident – Soft tissue Injuries
$220,000 Broken Leg/Bicycle Accident. Insurance settlement
$169,100 Cervical and TMJ Injury/Automobile Accident. Jury award
$145,769  Neck Soft Tissue/ Automobile Accident. Jury award